The Rise of the Mumpreneur

When celebrities such as Myleene Klass start talking about wanting to be a role model for mumpreneurs, you know that the word has entered the mainstream. A mumpreneur is clearly a blend of the words ‘mum’ and ‘entrepreneur,’ but what is it about this new class of working mum that is creating such a stir – and should you be getting in on the act?

The Benefits of Becoming a Mumpreneur

University studies have found childcare to be a major issue in the decision some mums make to embark upon the journey of entrepreneurship. Many mums find that a standard job leaves them pressurised on one side by guilt, because they often spend a lot of time away from their children, and on the other by finances, because childcare is expensive.
These studies are also finding that, in most cases, the decision to embrace the life of a mumpreneur brings success and fulfilment, with many mums realising that many of the skills they needed came naturally to them

The Mumpreneur Skill Set

Whether there is any truth in the belief that women are better at multi-tasking than men, there is no doubt that the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously is crucial for anyone with children – and the more children there are, the more this is true. Entrepreneurship also requires this skill and many mums soon realise that running their own business is simply an extension of what they do ‘day in, day out’ anyway.
Children are also great teachers. With their unique perspectives on the world around them, they are constantly coaching parents on how to ‘think outside the box,’ imbuing mums with the creative thinking abilities that prove just as useful in managing a company as they do in running a home.

Overcoming Challenges

Mumpreneurs don’t have it all their own way of course, and the successful businesswoman will need to overcome numerous challenges along the way. Being in business means daring to break out of the ‘comfort zone’ and having the courage to take action. One of the biggest challenges self-employed mums face is creating the space they need to look after themselves and their relationships. A decent diet, ample sleep and exercise are all vital for success while the temptation to sacrifice family time to work on a business can be difficult to resist when that business is a source of great fulfilment.

Discovering your Passion

There are as many potential businesses out there as there are mumpreneurs to run them, and mums have found success in fields as diverse as Pilates, tutoring and decorating cakes. If your passion is in working with children, then becoming a self-employed provider of pre school activities could be an option.

Did you know that you don’t even have to be a hip hop dancer to become an instructor with Hip Hop Tots®? Even better, our affordable instructors’ course takes place over the course of one day, meaning you could be up an running quicker than you think.

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