What to Expect From a Hip Hop Tots® Class.


The Concept.

Hip Hop Tots® combines high-octane hip hop dance routines with lively music, absorbing stories and playful props for the complete pre-school activity package. Not only will young children love coming to Hip Hop Tots® sessions, you will also see them come on in leaps and bounds with their physical, imaginative and social development.

The Structure.

Hip Hop Tots® sessions have just enough structure to keep children comfortable and under control but not so much that they feel pressurised to perform. Classes last from 30 to 45 minutes and always begin with a gentle warm up. Our hip hop choreography has been carefully designed especially for children; our skilled instructors will gauge the age and ability level of the group and simplify the routines or make them more demanding as necessary.

Our goal is to keep children engaged and having fun – not technical perfection! The dance moves will be accompanied by a mixture of age-appropriate chart music and our original tunes, including hip hop versions of popular nursery rhymes.

Each Hip Hop Tots® class will include a music section, with action songs and the chance to experiment with musical instruments, and a short story-telling or role play activity. As parents or guardians, you are encouraged to join in with the fun, but can choose to watch instead if your child is happy.

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