Hip Hop Tots® – Maximum Fun Overload!

Are you a parent or guardian on the hunt for something different to inspire and entertain your pre-school child? Are you a children’s centre or activity provider wanting a constructive yet fun pre-school programme to fill and liven up your setting? Or are you a budding (or experienced) dance or arts instructor interested in teaching the most amazing, entertaining and motivated learners on the planet?

If so, then you have definitely arrived at the right place. Hip Hop Tots® mixes up traditional elements of kids’ activity sessions, such as storytelling, puppetry and songs, with brand new, ultra-trendy hip hop dance for a unique and lively experience promising maximum fun overload. To find out more about what happens in a Hip Hop Tots® class and to find a class or instructor near to you, please visit the about us page.

Why Hip Hop Tots®?


Hip Hop Tots® combines hip hop dance routines with lively music, absorbing stories and playful props for the complete pre-school activity package.

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Become an Instructor


We have condensed the fundamental dance teaching principles and best practice guidelines into a fun and action-packed one-day training programme.

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Merchandise & Clothing


We have some really great merchandise and clothing to help you get that little bit more involved. Choose from t-shirts, flash cards, music, stickers and more.

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A Warm Welcome to Dance or Arts Instructors.

Whether you are a motivated newbie dance, arts or play instructor or a seasoned professional teacher, we would love for you to join us. As a Hip Hop Tots® Instructor you will bring our cool and lovable characters, Flexi, Robo and Flipz, to life while leading activities and teaching a few simple dance routines.

Unlike similar pre-school dance sessions, our emphasis is on fun, fun, fun, so that pre-schoolers enjoy every session and learn that they don’t have to be perfect; they can just  enjoy moving and expressing their inner selves. To find out more about the Hip Hop Tots® programme and how you can get certified, visit our Instructor Training page.

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