Hip Hop Tots in a Box Dance Programme


For all dance teachers aged 18 years and up, we have made it really easy to setup a business to teach in the preschool market with the Hip Hop Tots® dance programme.

Please note after purchasing the HHT program, you MUST present a current DBS/CRB, before your licence can be activated, as part of our child protection policy.

We can also process a DBS application through our umbrella companies if you need one – order TODAY and we will get you running your Hip Hop Tots® sessions started in no time.

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Hip Hop Tots® in a Box consists of:

  • Your EXCLUSIVE one-year license to teach Hip Hop Tots®
    • Use of the Hip Hop Tots® Logo
    • Use of the Hip Hop tots® name to promote your classes
    • Use of the EXCLUSIVE Hip Hop Tots characters Flexi, Flipz and Robo to advertise and enhance your classes
    • One Year Hip Hop Tots® Licence included.
  • A Comprehensive Teaching and Operations Manual – including our choreography manual (download)
  • Full Colour Dance Choreography cards with all the choreography moves required to teach your classes – including Warm Up, Core Moves, Filler Moves Poses & teachings tips.
  • 9 Colour Flash Cards introducing Flexi, Flipz and Robo that can be used in your sessions as story and literacy prompts
  • Hip Hop Nursery Rhymes – 5 of our original, royalty-free exclusive songs that can be used to teach your classes
  • Bonus Character Colouring Sheet for your classes.

*** All Flashcards and music are available to buy by members of the public but they do not carry with them any rights to teach Hip Hop Tots® or use the trademarks Hip Hop Tots® Only teachers that are approved and licensed by Hip Hop Tots® have permission to teach and promote Hip Hop Tots® classes.

All packs are custom made, so please allow up 7 working days for delivery.