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Activity Provider? Two Exciting Options.

If you run a children’s centre, after-school club, playgroup, child-friendly holiday resort or similar activity setting, Hip Hop Tots® was made for you.

Perfectly in tune with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, the programme is also extremely popular with young boys and girls, with interest growing all the time, and appeals to people of different cultural and class backgrounds.

To bring Hip Hop Tots® sessions to your setting, choose one of our two specially-tailored packages:

1. Book a workshop.

This can be a one-off workshop or a series of six sessions run by a certified Hip Hop Tots® Instructor at your setting.

2. Train a staff member.

We can train one or more of your staff members so they can become a certified Hip Hop Tots® Instructor. This is the most economic and flexible option as you can then run your own sessions at your convenience.

To find out more about these options, or to find a class near you, click here or contact us.