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Still Searching for Things to do With Kids? We May Have the Answer

We love being at home with our pre school children, but sometimes imagination just runs dry, the toys lose their appeal and we find ourselves trawling online for things to do with kids.

Are they in the mood to sit still and listen to an absorbing story or would they prefer to sing their hearts out and strum, blow, crash and bash some instruments? Will an exciting art project keep them entertained or are they itching to dress up as a princess or pirate? Do they want to get up and boogie with other children or sit down and watch a cartoon?

Well, with Hip Hop Tots® they can get a taste of all these types of activities because, despite the name, we’re much more than just a hip hop dance class.

Mixing it up With Flexi, Robo and Flipz

Hip Hop Tots® is centred around our three cool yet loveable cartoon creations – Flexi, Robo and Flipz. There will be plenty of dancing and movement involved, tailored to the ages of the children present, but our engaging characters will also feature in colourful stories, lively sing-alongs and captivating art projects. Every session is different, so you and your little ones will never know quite what to expect – apart from a great time of course.

Maximum Fun Overload!

These three words sum up the ethos behind Hip Hop Tots® and it is the magic ingredient that makes us stand out from the rest. If you’ve been looking for things to do with kids and visiting the same old play centres and ‘out of a book’ activity sessions, then we can promise something completely different.

Movement and Energy

At their heart, all children love to be active (although some need a bit more encouragement than others). A Hip Hop Tots® session will get them up and moving, burning that boundless energy and leaving them pleasantly tired out. There are no overly complex dance steps to learn (we’re not looking to turn your child into George Sampson), but our choreography and music is carefully curated to be cool and exciting yet age-appropriate.

Learning Life Skills

If you’re searching for educational things to do with kids then we tick that box too. From listening skills and co-ordination to teamwork and emotional intelligence, there are plenty of valuable lessons that your child will absorb through the unique Hip Hop Tots® format, preparing them for that eventual step up to school.

So please come along and give us a try, and while you’re waiting to experience your first Hip Hop Tots® class, here are some more pre school activities you can try out. We are also always on the lookout for new talent to take our sessions, so if you want to find out how you can become an instructor please contact us.

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Paula Sampson Lawrence

Hip Hop Tots® is a parent-child activity suitable for both boys and girls from 18 months to 6 years of age; sessions can run all the year round and are guaranteed to appeal to every child – because all children love to move.

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