Hip Hop Tots Instructor Training FAQ’s.

Do I need to have a dance qualification or previous dance training?

Dance training and/or dance experience is a definite advantage; however it is just as important to have passion and enthusiasm for working with children! If you are currently a dance teacher or have a background in dance or the performing arts, you are able to purchase our ‘Hip Hop Tots in a box’.

If you have no dance experience or feel unconfident in your dance abilities, you will be required to attend a training day. We will arrange for a trainer to come to a mutually convenient location where you will be taught the Hip Hop Tots programme.

You will be thoroughly taught the key dance moves required to run your classes, and you will receive a manual and dance choreography cards, which breaks down the dance moves and demonstrates our special choreography formula that lets you put together routines quickly and easily.

Please note that the cost of the training day is different to that of the ‘Hip Hop Tots in a Box’ and will also include travel fees. Full fees will be explained to you when you enquire.

What is the age requirement to become a hip Hop Tots Instructor?

You must aged 18 years old and over.

What else is required?

You will need a valid CRB/DBS check (we can help you arrange one) and appropriate PPL insurance.

When is your next instructor training day?

Instructor days are organised only for applicants with no dance background or who feel unconfident in their dance ability. Also for those new to teaching/working with children.

What happens on the training course?

You will be taught all the choreography for your classes, advised on class structure and tips on working with the toddler/preschool age group.

There will be a short practical session where you will be required to demonstrate that you are able to teach the dance moves safely.

You will also be given information on how to become a Hip Hop Tots member and taken through all the member benefits.

What should I wear for the training day?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and footwear such as a t-shirt/vest top with jogging bottoms and trainers. Also bring a notepad and pen in order to take notes. Also please bring a bottle of water.

What happens after I have completed the training course?

When you have passed the course you are then able to teach Hip Hop Tots® classes and use the Hip Hop Tots® name and logo to advertise your classes with guidance from us.

Can I go ahead and buy the Hip Hop Tots In A Box programme?

Ye, if you feel you have the suitable dance/background experience, please complete the application form on the instructor page and email it to us for us to review. Once approved you are able to make your purchase.

How do i receive my purchase?

Once payment has been received, you will be emailed a digital copy of your licence certificate, teaching manual, access to download the nursery rhymes MP3, logo’s and character illustrations. By post you will receive your dance choreography cards and character flashcards.

What is a Licence?

A licence is a grant or permission from us (Hip Hop Tots) and gives you the instructor the right to teach the Hip Hop Tots® choreography and class structure, and to use the Hip Hop Tots® name in accordance with the guidelines specified in the licence agreement.

N.B Licences cannot be shared or transferred. Licences can only be used by the named person on the certificate and licence agreement. If more than one person wants to to use the programme, each instructor must purchase a licence.

How much does it cost to renew my licence?

The annual cost of renewal is £60.00. The licence must be renewed every year, if it is not renewed, you must no longer teach Hip Hop Tots® or use the Hip Hop Tots® name in any written or verbal communication.

Can I Cancel My Licence?

Yes you can cancel at any time, however once you have received access to the training information, you cannot receive a refund.