Halloween Hip Hop Tots

4 ideas for your halloween preschool dance class.

1. DRESS UP. Encourage kids to dress up for class (ensure footwear is still appropriate or bare feet). Teachers should also make an effort to dress up. You could also hold a competition for best dressed/best costume. 2. FREEZE DANCE. This is a staple game in any preschool dance class – but with a Halloween […]

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Optimise your Kids Health the Fun Way!

Trying to keep our kids healthy and happy is a challenge for any parent. We all have plans to keep them healthy (encouraging them to eat vegetables, brush their teeth and go to bed early. We all know what things make them happy (eating jelly and ice-cream and playing computer games) but mixing them both […]

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So Why is Kids Hip Hop Booming?

Children’s hip hop dance has proven itself more than a passing fad and whether it’s delivered raw as hip hop or street dance classes, or mixed up with other dance styles (street jazz, hip hop pop, etc.) it’s becoming clear that kids hip hop is the dance style for modern times. But what is it […]

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Boost Self-Esteem with Dance Classes

Every mum has anxieties about how their child will fare in school. Will they make friends? Can they focus in class? Are they destined to be academic? How well-behaved will they be? Most of these questions depend on a child’s self-esteem which is something you can help them build from an early age, both at […]

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