4 ideas for your halloween preschool dance class.

1. DRESS UP. Encourage kids to dress up for class (ensure footwear is still appropriate or bare feet). Teachers should also make an effort to dress up. You could also hold a competition for best dressed/best costume.

2. FREEZE DANCE. This is a staple game in any preschool dance class – but with a Halloween inspired twist. Children should dance to a Halloween inspired song in a zombie or monster style and hold a scary pose when the music stops.

3. GAMES – MUMMY WRAP. This is a great game that is thoroughly enjoyed by kids and grown ups alike. You will need two grown up volunteers, two chairs and lots of toilet roll. Split your class into two teams and each team will need to wrap the grown up in tissue paper – covering them up as much as possible. You can set a timer to whatever time you think is suitable. Once time is up – the team whose grown up is the most covered up in toilet roll wins.

ADDITIONAL GAME – to help with tidy up, get some recycling bags and start the timer again. The kids all need to put the toilet roll into the bags and quickly as possible. Saves you a job and the kids have a great time.

4. MOVEMENT IDEAS. The following can be incorporated into your dance routines or used as across the floor activities:

  • crawl like a spider
  • stomp like a zombie
  • fly like a bat
  • creep like witch
  • walk like a skeleton

As part of our Hip Hop Tots in a box starter pack, we have a Halloween lesson plan which includes a full routine and song suggestions. This can be purchased here https://www.hiphop-tots.co.uk/shop/hip-hop-tots-in-a-box-dance-programme-online-access

Happy Halloween!!

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