Hip Hop Dance Workshops for Schools

Did you know that Hip Hop Tots also provides workshops for schools? Our sessions can be tailored for older children, 5 years old and up. We still provide great music, energetic routines but a little less of the nursery rhymes.

Delivering dance through the PE and Sport Premium funding

The government has just very recently announced a two year extension to the PE and Sport Premium funding.

The PE & Sport Premium can be used to cover the following types of provision:

  • Upskilling teachers to be able to confidently deliver dance activity
  • Bringing in dance specialists to deliver additional sessions under the supervision of the
    teacher, to expand and deepen the delivery of existing core PE sessions.
  • To add new breakfast and after-school dance clubs.
  • To develop dance performance platforms with other local schools


Benefits of Using the Funding on Dance.

Dance is a compulsory activity within the national curriculum for P.E and is very popular amongst children and young people. It combines physical literacy with imagination and creativity and is very useful element in devising cross-curricular work. It is also a great way to support pupils health and well-being.

Some of Overall Benefits of Dance include:

  • Increase physical confidence and awareness
  • Increase enjoyment of movement and physical activity
  • Improve mental health, enhancing happiness, self-esteem and body attitude
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Improve attitudes to health and well-being, creating a foundation for life-long participation
  • Improve health problems – helping to tackle obesity and future diseases


Our Hip Hop Tots Facilitators:

  • Believe in the value of dance and have a passion for sharing dance with children
  • Understand and meet the different needs of participants of varied abilities, ages,
    backgrounds and stages of development
  • Have a good understanding of dance in the school curriculum and the way in which dance can
    support learning across the curriculum
  • Use a range of teaching and learning strategies to meet the pupils’ individual learning needs
    and enable them to reach their potential
  • Communicate all aspects of safe dance practice through their own practice
  • Deliver appropriate and challenging dance activities safely and effectively
  • Have knowledge of relevant legislation for working with children and can support the development of classroom               teachers’ knowledge and dance teaching skills.

What Can We Provide?

  • Breakfast, Lunchtime and Afterschool Clubs
  • Full Day Workshop (5 x 1 hour sessions throughout the day with a different class)
  • Half Day Workshop (2 x 1 hour or 3 x 45 minute workshop)
  • Ongoing workshops towards a particular goal.

Please contact us for prices and availability.

We can’t wait to work with you!


About Author

Paula Sampson Lawrence

Hip Hop Tots® is a parent-child activity suitable for both boys and girls from 18 months to 6 years of age; sessions can run all the year round and are guaranteed to appeal to every child – because all children love to move.