So Why is Kids Hip Hop Booming?

Children’s hip hop dance has proven itself more than a passing fad and whether it’s delivered raw as hip hop or street dance classes, or mixed up with other dance styles (street jazz, hip hop pop, etc.) it’s becoming clear that kids hip hop is the dance style for modern times. But what is it about this energetic dance genre that is so effective at hooking kids, parents and those whose job it is to provide activities for children?

Hip Hop Happiness

First, kids hip hop is usually focused firmly on children having fun and dancing with a smile on their faces. The same can’t always be said about other genres of dance which concentrate on form and technique from an early age. As with anything adults try to encourage kids to do – eating vegetables, tidying their rooms, brushing their teeth, etc. the most effective method is usually turning work into a game. Kids will gradually learn to want to perfect their street dance technique when they see their pop stars and dance friends busting out cool moves but the first step is getting them to enjoy dancing in the first place – and kids hip hop classes, with easy to follow choreography and a fun, relaxed vibe, are best placed to achieve that goal.

Hip Hop Health

If the main reason that children love kids hip hop is the fun time they’re having, one of the major attractions for parents are the many health benefits hip hop dance delivers. Rather than watching their children frazzling their brains and piling on the pounds in front of a games console, parents are choosing to pop them down to the nearest activity centre or dance studio and sign them up for hip hop classes.

Kids hip hop is not only healthy for the body, keeping weight down, enhancing balance and flexibility and improving co-ordination and rhythm etc., it also has a positive effect on children’s mental health.

Through the magic of dance, kids throughout the UK are picking up social skills, learning teamwork and developing a strong work ethic while also seizing the chance to express themselves creatively. Many parents are amazed at the way in which their ‘quiet and shy’ child suddenly blossoms into a confident and creative dancer or their highly-strung and disruptive son or daughter learns to channel their excess energy into motivation and leadership.

Hip Hop People

Another reason that so many young people are getting into kids hip hop is the people that run the sessions. Hip hop and other street dance styles attract individuals that are bursting with life and energy, full of creative ideas and supportive of the individuality within every child.

If you are looking to introduce your pre-school son or daughter to dance and don’t know where to start, then bring them along to a Hip Hop Tots® activity session. Our parent-child workshops are the ideal way to gently introduce them to other children while stimulating them with dance, music, stories and play. Contact us for more details.

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Paula Sampson Lawrence

Hip Hop Tots® is a parent-child activity suitable for both boys and girls from 18 months to 6 years of age; sessions can run all the year round and are guaranteed to appeal to every child – because all children love to move.

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