Flexi Loses Her Moves - a dance picture book

Dance Picture Book for children

Introduction Our recently published dance picture book for children, ‘Flexi Loses her Moves’  celebrates the excitement and joy of hip hop dance. We know that children love to dance and jump around, and this dance picture book really sparks children’s imaginations and will have them up and trying to...

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Hip Hop Tots - the Animated Television Series Flexi, Flipz and Robo

Hip Hop Tots – the Animated Television Series

We are turning Flexi, Flipz and Robo aka the Hip Hop Tots into an animated television series! Last year we were very proud to present our first picture book featuring the Hip Hop Tots and super delighted that they will soon be found on your television screens. We are...

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6 Tips for Teaching Pre School Aged Children

Below you will find 6 tips for teaching pre school aged children and managing your preschool dance class! If you are finding keeping your class of 2-5 year olds engaged and cooperative pretty hard work, then these tips will help you keep your tots coming back for more every...

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