Goal Setting for Children

How time flies, we can’t quite believe it’s already June! I’m sure you can all agree that it’s been a very long and exhausting start to 2020.

Like January, The halfway point tends to be another great time to set some new goals or reassess the ones you made in January. 

Goal setting is an extremely valuable life skill to teach children and is a great way to plan for positive growth. 

Below are some tips to help your children with goal setting:

1.Start by explaining what goal setting is and the purpose of it. 

2.Give some examples – learn to skip, master a cartwheel, sleep in my own bed. 

3.Brainstorm ideas – Remember to keep goals realistic and attainable.

4.Decide on a time line or way to measure success

5.Join in the fun – discuss your own goals and how you plan to achieve them so it something that you all do together as a family.

No matter what your goals are, whether big or small, goal setting with your kids allows you the opportunity to look back over the year, celebrate your accomplishments and create a sense of excitement for future accomplishments. 

Success in achieving goals is vastly helped by having a growth mindset. If your child struggles with this, getting them to repeat mantra’s and positive affirmations can help. Purchase our printable positive affirmations poster here

Happy Goal setting!


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Paula Sampson Lawrence

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