More Than Just Street Dance for Kids

Hip Hop Tots® is more than just another street dance for kids session, and street dance and hip hop fans will benefit just as much as those who are unfamiliar with the scene and just want their pre school or reception-age children to have fun with others.

Hip Hop Tots® has to be experienced to understand what ‘maximum fun overload’ really means in practice, but it may help to break the programme down into several elements:

 Element 1: The Dancing

At Hip Hop Tots®, we aim to encourage, or extend, that love of movement that all children naturally have. We are not interested in teaching rigid techniques or coaching children to become stage school stars, but in introducing the basics of street dance for kids. Expect plenty of cool moves and an energetic tempo to help kids burn off energy, express themselves and enjoy the experience. We start every session with a warm-up to ensure children are fit and ready for action.

Element 2: Music and Song

All parents and carers will be familiar with the traditional type of sing-a-long and music-making sessions that are a staple of every play centre and pre school activity session. At Hip Hop Tots®, we incorporate nursery rhymes – often with a hip hop twist – and other musical experiences into every session. And don’t worry; all of our sessions are designed to be completely age-appropriate – no racy lyrics!

Element 3: Stories and Characters

Every child loves a good story, and Hip Hop Tots® sessions will include plenty of adventures involving our three colourful characters: Flexi, Flipz and Robo. Stories help to create an overall context to keep children engaged, while offering opportunities to calm the tempo when things are in danger of getting too out of hand.

Element 4: The Freedom to Create

With no targets to aim for, there is plenty of room within the Hip Hop Tots® structure to be creative and explore in unexpected directions. Ideas from sessions can also be taken home and expanded upon, and our  Hip Hop Tots® shop even offers extras such as vibrant character flash cards, nursery rhyme CDs and colourful rewards stickers. You can also book a place on our next training course if you would like to become an instructor yourself.

So these are the elements that come together to make Hip Hop Tots® more than your average street dance for kids class. But as with the very best recipes, the whole is much more than the sum of its parts. We hope to see you and your children at a session in 2016!

About Author

Paula Sampson Lawrence

Hip Hop Tots® is a parent-child activity suitable for both boys and girls from 18 months to 6 years of age; sessions can run all the year round and are guaranteed to appeal to every child – because all children love to move.