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Are you stuck for activities for your kids? It can be a challenge to constantly come up with new ways to entertain young children while keeping them fit and healthy. Especially during the long summer holidays.

The magic of Hip Hop Tots® is that it is something that children of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.

Hip Hop Tots® build sessions around the concept of ‘maximum fun overload’ and combine the dancing with a range of exciting pre school activities – from singing to children’s stories. It really is the perfect activity for children.

Although all our sessions are on break for the summer, you can still take part by purchasing our dance flash cards available to buy here

Or for online access only – follow this link to order

With these fun dance choreography cards, you can learn all the exciting Hip Hop Tots dance moves  and teach them to your little ones. The colour coded cards illustrate a range of moves and poses that can be combined together for a full Hip Hop experience.

The choreography cards include:

  1. Warm up
  2. Core moves
  3. Filler moves
  4. Poses

These are currently available on our website for 50% off as part of our summer sale. No need to enter a code, they are already discounted on our website. Follow this link to our online shop

Happy dancing!!

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Paula Sampson Lawrence

Hip Hop Tots® is a parent-child activity suitable for both boys and girls from 18 months to 6 years of age; sessions can run all the year round and are guaranteed to appeal to every child – because all children love to move.