Flexi Loses Her Moves - a dance picture book

Dance Picture Book for children


Our recently published dance picture book for children, ‘Flexi Loses her Moves’  celebrates the excitement and joy of hip hop dance. We know that children love to dance and jump around, and this dance picture book really sparks children’s imaginations and will have them up and trying to mirror the dance moves in the book in no time! Even better, this is a book that features 3 diverse characters and therefore will appeal to children, both boys and girls of all backgrounds. At Hip Hop Tots® we believe that diversity and representation is incredibly important.

All About the Dance Picture Book Flexi Loses her Moves 

Summary: Flexi has been given a solo at the annual dance showcase but she is so nervous that she forgets her dance moves! With the help of her friends Flipz and Robo, will she be ready in time to perform at the show? Join Flexi, Flipz and Robo aka the Hip Hop Tots® in this ultra cool dance picture book for children proving that it is possible to be both super cool and super cute!

There is lots of exciting dance moves featured that this is a book that begs to be read aloud and shared. Flexi Loses her Moves is a dance picture book for children that will appeal to young children already taking part in dance classes or eager to do so.

Author: Paula Sampson – founder of Hip Hop Tots® and author

Length: 32 pages

Format: Paperback and EBook

Recommended for: Ages 3 upwards

Publisher: PAS Publishing

Publication Date: 2018

ISBN: 9781999911027

Available to purchase: in our shop and on Amazon 

By Paula Sampson 2019

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