3 props you must use in your kids dance class!

Using props in your kids dance class really adds an exciting element to your class, allowing your students more opportunity to create and explore. This post will give you some ideas for using props in your kids dance activity class. BEAN BAGS Bean bags are extremely popular and familiar to children so are the number […]

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Hip Hop Tots Weekly planner for dance teachers

Hip Hop Tots Weekly Planner for dance teachers

Do you need a good and reliable diary to keep track of your daily dance and teaching activities? We have just released a week by week planner so that you wont forget any details again. The weekly planner has space for your priorities that week and also to write your to do list.   The […]

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Optimise your kids health – the fun way!

Our kids health is important to us all. Trying to keep our kids healthy and happy is a challenge for any parent. We all have plans to keep them healthy (encouraging them to eat vegetables, brush their teeth and go to bed early) and we all know what things make them happy (eating jelly and […]

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More Than Just Street Dance for Kids

Hip Hop Tots® is more than just another street dance for kids session, and street dance and hip hop fans will benefit just as much as those who are unfamiliar with the scene and just want their pre school or reception-age children to have fun with others. Hip Hop Tots® has to be experienced to […]

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